Menicon Progent Contact Lens Cleaner, Unique pH Saline Solution 4 Oz and Large Diameter (Scleral) Lens Case, Bundle

Menicon Progent Contact Lens Cleaner, Unique pH Saline Solution 4 Oz and Large Diameter (Scleral) Lens Case, Bundle

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This product is a bundle of 3 items:

1x Menicon Progent 7-Treatment  Hard Contact Lens Solution for Cleaning and Removing Protein Deposits

1x 4 Oz Menicon Unique pH Multi-Purpose Solution

1x 1x Progent Large Diameter (Scleral) Lens Case

Menicon Progent 7 Treatments Pack: An intensive cleaner for all GP contact lenses. A biweekly lens cleaner solution good for seven treatments or approximately 3 ½ months. Includes a sterile cleaning case that holds up to 10.5mm lens

Menicon Unique pH 4 Oz Gas Permeable Lens Solution: Menicon Unique pH is a highly effective and well-respected multipurpose solution for gas permeable contact lenses

Menicon Progent Scleral Contact Lens Case: Designed for deep cleaning large diameter lenses (11 mm to 23 mm) in Menicon progent solution. Intended for use with Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

3-in-1 Contact Solution: No separate daily cleaner is required. Menicon Unique pH Solution cleans, conditions, and disinfects in one bottle. Simply by soaking it removes dirt, protein deposits and debris from your contact lenses

Prevents Damage: There’s no need to rub your lens to clean them. Menicon Progent removes excess protein deposits to see the world clearly

Easy Usage: Soak your RGP lens in the Menicon Progent Solution for 30 minutes, then rinse with Unique pH Saline Solution

RGP Lence Case: The 3-pack bundle also comes with a free lens case that can be used to soak your contacts overnight with the saline solution


Menicon Unique pH Multi-Purpose Saline Solution is the best companion to maintain your RGP lenses, and maintain clear vision for years to come! Unique pH Multi-Purpose Saline Solution comes in tightly-sealed and leak-proof bottles that have undergone the proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal technology to ensure that your contact solution doesn’t accidentally spill or be contaminated.

Progent cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits after a short soak without manual rubbing. Progent is a highly effective deposit and protein remover and cleaner compatible with all RGP contact lenses. Simply soaking the lenses for 30 minutes will ensure the removal of deposits.

Progent Large Diameter (Scleral) Lens Case is a non-vented barrel style contact lens case. Each lens basket is molded with a letter, "L" or "R", for ease in proper lens identification. The left lens basket is also colored grey to assist patients who are not currently wearing their contact lenses. The lens case is capable of holding the 10 mL of Menicon Progent Protein Remover A/B mixed solution for effective protein removal.

After cleaning, lenses should be stored in daily storage case, this case is only used for cleaning large diameter lenses using progent cleanser.

  • PROGENT Not suitable for lenses with Hydra PEG coating


The 7-treatment package contains

  • Seven 5 mL containers of Progent A solution
  • Seven 5 mL containers of Progent B solution
  • Seven 10 mL containers of Rinsing Solution
  • One Progent Vial