Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue
Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue

Jump Rope Non-Tangle, Adjustable Blue

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ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: It can be easily and quickly adjusted to the desired length. You can shorten or extend it. Perfect for all ages including children, teenagers, adults, and elders

NON-TANGLE & SAFE DESIGN:  The soft TPU beaded segmentation design makes the skipping ropes bouncy, tangle-free, extra durable, and cushiony enough to less hurt if it hits you accidentally

COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The handle is ergonomically designed with a wave groove  which fits in your hand perfectly and covered by a soft rubber which provides a comfortable and secure no-slip grip for all hand sizes

WHY CHOOSING JUMP ROPE: Jump ropes can increase your level of fitness, speed, endurance, and cardio. It is the most effective and easy exercise that you can do on your own. This professional jump rope is ideal for home or outdoor skipping workout, fitness, boxing, and fat reduction

IDEAL GIFT for any person who wants to stay fit in his life. Suitable for beginners, trainers, fitness enthusiasts. You can also gift them to the kids in your family on birthdays or graduation ceremonies


The jump rope is made from environmental-friendly soft PVC material. The design of this jump rope is well balanced and the beads wrapping around the nylon rope helps in maintaining adds the weight that corrects the shape of the jump rope as it swings. The handle is lightweight, covered with protection rubber, preventing the handle from breaking, and feels comfortable.

Jump rope training targets speed, balance, agility, dexterity, coordination, endurance, and concentration. It can burn calories and fat while exercising your muscles during jumping. A great choice for boxing, speed skip training, MMA, and cross-training.

The data indicates that 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to an hour of running and 30 minutes of swimming. Longitudinal exercise can promote the height development of teenagers.

The beaded jump rope makes that "tick tick" clicking sound on pavement or gym floors; helpful for developing a skipping rhythm.


Harmless material, safe for kids and other users

It is suitable for kids, men, and women for outdoor and indoor activities.

It is a full-body and easy exercise which improve the muscle tone of your arms, legs, waist, and feet

Burn calories and fat while exercising your muscles during jumping

Strong flexibility, abrasion resistance, and resistance to beating

Bright and unfading color, highlighting the fashion quality

Included a portable carrying bag so that you can carry it easily and enjoy exercise anywhere and anytime

It is also lightweight with high-speed rotation and smooth skipping experience

not twist when jumping

Just slide the rope out the handle, reduce or add the beads and tighten the new knot to adjust the rope length.


Benefits of Jump Rope 

Improve coordination, endurance, and concentration

Gives speed, balance, agility, dexterity

Decrease foot and ankle injuries

Burns major calories

Improve breathing efficiency



Stand naturally with your ankles slightly staggered, your upper arm close to your body, use your wrist to swing the rope.

Warm-up before jumping and wear comfortable shoes

Adjust the length of the rope according to your height

Please note that there will be a section rope without beads at both ends, it is left especially to keep the rope flexible when using.


Adjusting the rope

Push the rope through the handle and untie the knot

Adjust to a desirable length by reducing or adding the beads

Cut off the excess

Tie a new knot and pull the rope back to the handle


How to determine appropriate rope length

Stand on the middle of the jump rope with one foot

Bring the handles up to your armpits

This is a good starting length

As your skipping level increases, the rope can be properly shortened