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This picture shows a lens case, menicon lacri pure saline vials with colored lenses next to it and it says "vital for contact lens care, keep your lenses hygienic and safe with the help of this product&
This picture shows lumivis premium eyelid wipes under a blue female eye. At the bottom, the properties of natural and effective ingredients are described. Tea tree oil prevents infections and clears dirt, oil and impurities. Coconut oil relieves dryness, reduces fine lines and nourishes. Aloe vera soothe irritated eyes alleviate redness
The features of lumivis premium eyelid wipes are listed next to the beautiful blue-eyed woman doing her daily eye care with the tea tree oil eyelid wipe. alleviates dry, itchy eyes. provides soothing relief from irritation. replenishes essential moisture. moisturizes both eyes and lashes. promotes optimal eye health. gentle eyelid and eyelash cleanser
this picture shows menicon lacripure rinsing & insertion saline 5ml vials image with its features listed next to it. easy rinsing of contact lens, safer alternative to tap water rinsing, preservative-free, single use vials
Menicon Lacripure saline vials, a pair of glasses on a yellow table, black wallet, lens case, cream, lens cleaning solutions from a dark brown bag, 2 packs of Lumivis Premium Eyelid Wipes made with tea tree oil, coconut oil and aloe vera from a light brown bag.
Menicon Lacripure saline solution 5ml vials
Lumivis premium eyelid wipes made with tea tree oil, coconut oil and aloe vera for all types of dry eye, blepharitis and mgd, soothing relief for irritated and itchy eyes, cleans, soothes and nourishes eyes 1 wipe

Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline 7 Vials for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses - Bundle with Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Eyelash Wipes

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Experience the convenience of clean, debris-free contact lenses with Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline. Our preservative-free formula is gentle on your eyes and provides long-lasting cleanliness and comfort.

Lumivis products are the perfect solution for those with sensitive eyes or allergies. They are also a good choice for people who are looking for a natural way to care for their eyes.

Bundle includes:
  1. Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline Solution - 7 Unit Dose 5ml Vials 
  2. Lumivis Tea Tree Oil Eyelid and Eyelash Wipe - 1 Piece 

PRESERVATIVE-FREE: Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline offers a natural and comfortable contact lens experience with its preservative-free formula. It is perfect for those with sensitive eyes or allergies and provides effective, long-lasting cleanliness and comfort without irritation

SINGLE-USE SALINE VIALS: Discover the convenience and portability of our Single-Use Saline Vials, a perfect alternative to tap water rinsing for your scleral lenses. Tuck it conveniently into your pocket for on-the-go use anytime, anywhere. The individual seals on every vial guarantee freshness and sterility, making them perfect for those with busy lifestyles who prioritize hygiene

EASY AND GENTLE RINSING: Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline gently yet effectively cleanses your contact lenses, removing debris and other elements and leaving them feeling fresh and clean. With LacriPure, your contact lenses are getting the care they need to stay hygienic and safe.

7 VIALS FOR CLEANER LENSES: The Saline comes in single-use vials, eliminating the need for bulky bottles and ensuring a mess-free experience. Each vial contains 5ml of sterile solution, which is enough to rinse and insert all types of contact lenses, including scleral lenses.

WITH LUMIVIS TEA TREE EYELID WIPE: Lumivis TTO eyelid wipes offer gentle, effective eye care that is free of preservatives and alcohol. They are enriched with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil to soothe, cleanse, and refresh your eyes while reducing redness and discomfort. Gentle and effective care for a healthy and comfortable appearance.

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