Hand Soap Dispenser For Kids Touch-less 12 Oz Hands-Free Foaming Dispenser with Infrared Motion Sensor

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Touchless  Sanitary Design: Built-in precise infrared motion sensor detects your hands and dispenses soap automatically. Just put your hand under the sensor instead of direct pressing or touching, prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Adjustable soap capacity: With 12 Oz. capacity, 3 dispense levels to adjust the amount of soap. Use gear 1, 2, 3 to choose low, middle, high soap modes.

Wide Applicability Perfect for the daily use in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hospital, hotel, kindergarten, office, mall, or restaurant. Great gift for children

Smart Led Indicator, 10 Second Scrub Time Reminder: The distance between your hands to the sensor is around 2 inches. White LED flashes when the sensor detects your hands. High-efficiency pump dispenses soap in just 0.2 seconds.

Easy to use and refill: This automatic foaming soap dispenser adopts IPX3 waterproof design. Easy operation by one button: Press it to turn on/off, and choose foam volume. RoHS, FC, and CE Certificate.



With this “Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser,” you and your children don't need to touch the dispenser or press a soap pump. When you move your hand to sensor area, dispenser foams and you get rich foam by a wave easily. Applicable to a variety of stickiness liquids, such as hand washing liquid, body wash liquid, shampoo, etc. For foaming hand soap no need to add water. Others should be mixed with 1 to 3-4 times water. Foaming soap dispenser not only prevent bacterial transmission and cross-contamination but are also very attractive to children and encourage children to wash their hands regularly.

Just choose one of three foam levels. The amount of soap could be switched to high mode (1.0 g each time), midi mode (0.6 g each time), and low mode (0.3 g each time). Remove the soap tank from the bottom to refill. Clean with a wet non-abrasive cloth and then dry it completely. White LED flashes for 10s to remind you to scrub your hands. Red LED flashes when batteries need to be changed. When liquid pumping out, the light will be flash at the same time.

This little cute pig will make kids love to wash their hands and keeping their hands clean. Kids of all ages or any animal lover will love this sweet design, a cute tool for your daily needs, your kids will love this cute look. It is also a good gift for children.



  • Automatic soap dispenser for kids
  • 10 Second scrub time reminder
  • Three different foam capacity (0.2ml/ 0.6/ml/ 1.6ml)
  • DON'T add non-foam detergent, which may cause blockages, such as conditioner or essential oil!
  • Various detergents are compatible. Dilute in a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 hand sanitizer and water.
  • Foam is more effective at eliminating virüs.
  • It is both sanitary and convenient.
  • DON’T rinse the dispenser with flowing water or immerse it into the water, or it will short circuit.
  • Change battery when both white and red led on
  • 3xAA batteries are not included in the package!