Slider Beads Scallop Seashell DIY Jewelry Supplies 10 Pieces
Slider Beads Scallop Seashell DIY Jewelry Supplies 10 Pieces

Slider Beads Scallop Seashell DIY Jewelry Supplies 10 Pieces

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Material: The base material is Zamak (Pewter) which is lead, cadmium and nickel free. 17x18 mm (0.67x0.71 inch). Hole size is approx. 12x2.5 mm (0.47x0.10 inch) 

Shape: With these shell shaped slider beads you can prepare elegant Licorice leather jewelries that shows your good taste and romantic spirit 

Unique Jewelry: These metal charms can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, chokers, wristbands, anklets and all kinds of jewelry. Perfect to create eye-catching DIY leather slider bracelet

DIY Decoration: They are perfect for various kinds of decoration, such as cards, gift boxes, hanging ornaments, wind chimes, wine charms, etc. You can also prepare DIY scrapbooking projects, bookmarks, keychain, cell phone accessories and other handmade crafts projects 

Gift: A good gift for your friend, sister, daughter, son, niece, wife, husband, father, mom or just for yourself to create unique eye-catching DIY accessories


Zamak (Pewter) is an environmentally friendly metal which is an alloy of various metals. The pewter we use is of the highest quality comprising 95% tin, 0.5% copper and 4.5% antimony. Tin is a plentiful, non-toxic resource and tin mining has little or no impact on the environment. Pewter can be completely recycled.

If you want to create a personalized jewelry or craft to show a unique style, personality, interest, preference or special moment, these accessories are perfect. They encourage creativity in jewelry designs due to their abundant designs and sizes.

Give your creative design ideas wings to fly and make your unique jewelry or create whatever you desire with our products. We would be happy if you share your ideas with us.

Pictures are design ideas only, no extra item included.



Height: 17 mm 

Width: 18 mm 

Hole Size: App. 12x2.5 mm 

Weight: 45 g / pack

Base material: Zamak (Pewter)

Lead, nickel and cadmium free  

Quantity: 10 Pieces/pack

Item name: Scallop Seashell

Item code: ZM259