Inflatable Beach Ball 20” Glossy Striped Colorful Pool Summer Party Toy for Kids

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  • Durable: The beach ball is made from the highest quality plastic which is long-lasting and safe for the kids to enjoy for a long time.
  • Colorful: Glossy white panels alternate with traditional bright colors
  • Large-sized: Beach ball is 20 inches from pole to pole measured inflated, perfect for summer fun
  • Easy to inflate can be inflated easily by using a hand pump or by blowing air in the ball by mouth; no electric pump needed
  • Perfect Toys for beach, pool, lake, park, or backyard. Sand and water toys to share with all your family and friends.


Inflatable Beach Balls are made of durable stuff and will last through hours of fun. Easy to inflate by blowing and safe for you and all your family to enjoy. 20-inch size is big enough to throw, punch, roll them in the beach sand or also sit on them at the party. This colorful Beach Ball is perfect for a family picnic in the park, a volleyball match on the beach, a pool party with colleagues, swimming in the lake, or playing with children in the backyard.

A summer classic!
20-inch size
Great gifts for kids
Perfect summer toys for everybody
Inflatable Fun for Sand and Sun