Sparkle Paper Towels Giant Rolls Prints, 20 Count

Box O' Mart


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Sparkle pick-a-size paper towel rolls are ideal for any business that has cleaning needs. From dust to messy spills, these paper towels are able to keep your tables, floors, and windows looking clean and sanitary. With multiple sheets, these paper towel rolls are perfect for sharing between workers. Easy Use You might enjoy using glass cleaner when you want to clean your windows. With these Sparkle pick-a-size paper towel rolls, you can simply tug along the perforated lines to pick a towel that is the perfect size. Light Color The Sparkle pick-a-size paper towel rolls are made with a white, bleached look, so you can see the mess you're picking up off a table or chair. You'll also be able to see where the cleaning solution is on the towel without touching it. Strong and Lasting With strong, 2-ply towels, you can clean a mess up without getting messy yourself. The strong towels won't rip or tear easily.

  • With Thirst Pockets
  • Absorbs 6X its Weight
  • White perforated
  • Strong and Lasting