S.O.S 98014 Steel Wool Soap Pad,10 Count, (Pack of 2)

Box O' Mart


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S.O.S Steel wool soap pads are the quick and easy solution to tough grease and grime. Tough scrub for a great clean. Bring out the shine to pots and pans. Contains rust inhibitors. Cleaning with a one-two punch. The combination of steel shavings and powerful detergent in each pad makes quick work of grease and stains. Multiple uses: steel wool soap pads can be used to clean on many surfaces including stoves, glass bakeware, pots, pans, golf clubs, grills, car tires, chrome bumpers, glass shower doors, and porcelain tubs and sinks. Directions: wet an S.O.S. pad and clean soiled surface. Once food particles are loosened, rinse clean with clear water. For delicate surfaces, test pad on a small, inconspicuous area with a light touch. To help pad last longer, after each use gently squeeze to wring out excess water and redistribute soap. Place on a clean, dry surface.