Menicon Progent Hard Contact Lens Cleaner

Menicon Progent Hard Contact Lens Cleaner

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REMOVES STUBBORN DEPOSITS AND PROTEIN IN 30 MINUTES: Progent Contact Lens Solution cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits by simply soaking the lenses for 30 minutes.

NO MANUAL RUBBING REQUIRED: Progent Contact Lens Solution provides deep cleaning for gas permeable lenses without the mechanical rubbing or abrasives used in conventional cleaning or polishing.

LONGER INTERVAL BETWEEN TREATMENT: Treatment with Progent is recommended every 2 weeks. That means less hassle to maintain clean and comfortable lenses and clear eyes! The frequency may vary according to the condition of your lens. Follow your eye care professional’s directions.

COMES WITH A LARGE DIAMETER LENS CASE The case included with the treatment kit is designed to hold as large as a 10.5-mm lens and is used when cleaning with the Progent Contact Lens Solution.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Menicon’s clients include hospitals, ophthalmological clinics and shops, and pharmaceutical wholesalers across Japan and 80 other countries worldwide. The company’s top priority has always been the safety of the customer’s eyes. Menicon passed audits and received certifications of compliance for the established Quality Management System according to EN ISO 13485.

    If you wear gas permeable lenses, biweekly treatment with Progent Contact Lens Solution for Cleaning and Removing Protein Deposits will help ensure your lenses are clean and comfortable by effectively loosening and removing stubborn deposits such as proteins that cause irritation and discomfort to your eyes.

    The treatment package contains cleaning solution, rinsing solution, and vial. Progent is strictly a cleaner. Prior to using Progent, it is important that you receive instructions from your eye care doctor and clearly understand the directions for use and warnings.

    Do not allow the solution to touch your skin, eyes, or clothing. Please note that Menicon Progent should not be used on lenses treated with Tangible Hydra-PEG as it may damage the coating.

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