00860011219453 Camouflage Outdoor Adventure set for Kids walkie talkies binoculars flashlight cap whistle compass backpack
2 walkie talkies for kids lcd led flashlight belt clip
comic strips of children at a summer camp communicating with walkie-talkies
binoculars foldable soft eye pad rubber grip cleaning cloth neck strap protective bag
boy trying to find his way in the forest with a lensatic compass and map
860011219453 outdoor adventure set whistle backpack flashlight walkie-talkie binoculars baseball cap compass
for a healthy life style keep you little adventurers away from electronics and let them explore nature
whistle with compass, led flashlight, magnifier glass
lensatic compass
camouflage design baseball cap

Outdoor Adventure Set Backyard Exploration Camping Safari Hunting Toys

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Introduce your child to essential skills with our unique outdoor adventure kit. The bundle includes multiple toys that mimic real tools for an immersive experience. Perfect for backyard play or camping trips, this kit fosters curiosity, imagination, and social interaction. Keep your child entertained and engaged with scout, spy, or nature explorer activities. Say goodbye to screens and hello to a healthy and joyful childhood.

Everything for Adventure: This awesome set includes everything a child needs for adventure.  Walkie Talkies, Binoculars, Hand crank flashlight, Magnifier glass, Lensatic Compass, Whistle, Camouflage hat and backpack. Comes in an attractive camouflage design box, ready to gift.

Nature Explorer: This exploration kit encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. Whether in your backyard or in a family trip, there’s always so much that you can discover! Spend less time in front of screens and help your kids & toddlers find the beauty of nature

Interactive: Walkie Talkie is not only a toy, but also communication learning tool with a real-time monitor. It can add fun to communication, let kids enjoy sharing and express themselves better. Parents can also use it to keep in touch with kids indoor and outdoor

Educational Toy: This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Toy will improve your children’s learning skills, curiosity, imagination and social skills. Teach kids to read maps, observe bird flight, spying on wild animals

Perfect Gift: A magical gift with camouflage gift box for girls and boys age 4+. Watch your children keep busy for hours exploring the wonders of nature around them. Great for birthdays, holidays, name days, Christmas or any other occasion. Whether it’s indoor or backyard play the handy backpack allows for easy carrying enabling the adventurous child to explore and learn

We are here and ready to assist you if you need any help with walkies. 

For optimal performance, we recommend High Energy AAA batteries.


    • 2x Walkie Talkies with lanyards (4*AAA batteries for each not included)
    • Binoculars (carrying case, cleaning cloth, neck strap)
    • Hand-crank Flashlight
    • Magnifier Glass
    • Military Lensatic Compass
    • SOS Whistle with lanyard
    • Adjustable Baseball Cap
    • Drawstring Backpack (Camouflage design)